Effective Instruction Series


One person can make a difference! The Effective Instruction Series 2011-12 is all about making a difference for students by employing effective instruction! From July 26 through July 29 the ESU 6 professional development team and 30 teachers boosted their professional craft at the fourth annual Effective Instruction Series (EIS). Participants, primarily teachers new to ESU 6 districts, studied many topics such as sound homework and grading policies, instructional routines, classroom management techniques, and technology tools.
Throughout the series, the idea of craft knowledge was emphasized in theory and action. Deane Burney (2006) explained craft knowledge as “…the knowledge about the practice that is collected, codified, legitimated, and shared by professionals.” Participants recorded strategies and techniques that were presented on a Craft Knowledge Record. By naming, defining, and describing the benefits of each particular strategy, the odds of replication with intentiondramatically increase.

Read more about the 2011-12 series in the Fall 2011 News @ Six: NewsatSix.pdf