Effective Instruction Series (EIS) 2014 - 2015

“Hit it out of the Ballpark this Year
Feedback from Today
Data and Summary From 2014 EIS

ESU Craft Knowledge Strategies with videos

Tuesday December 9

Vocabulary, Video Self-Reflection & Goal-Setting, Tech, G+ Community Challenges
Greetings, Bell Ringer,
  • Go to the ESU 6 2014-15 Google + Community
  • Respond to the posted questions
    • What is one new strategy you have tried in your classroom?
    • What is one success--other than survival!--you have experienced this semester?
    • What is one challenge you have faced (or are facing) this semester?
  • Day 6: Jill's Presentation using PearDeck
  • Use Hashtag #eis14 for tweeting
  • Bell Ringer using craft knowledge strategies introduced this year
  • Interaction Sequence: What is one success (other than survival) and one challenge of your year so far?
Vocabulary Instruction: Word Introduction
  • Resources for Effective Vocabulary Instruction
Vocabulary Instruction: Practice and Deepening
Reflection & Goal-Setting
  • Study of Guide
  • Group video reflection
    • individual evaluation
    • whole group discuss
  • Self-Assessment using video
  • Goal-Setting & Action Plan
Tech Time

Tuesday July 22

Introduction, MRL Framework, Craft Knowledge, Technology Tools

When You Arrive
Overview, Expectations, Survey
  • Our community: https://plus.google.com/u/2/communities/114741142926146547385
  • Sign into school google account
  • Social Networking Awareness
  • Tools & Accounts
    • Google+ and hangouts.
    • Create EIS community and invite participants to join.
    • create a smaller groups in the community by baseball divisions to respond to
    • Complete the Statistics section on the back of your name tent.
    • Using the G+ Community, follow the prompt to introduce yourself to your team using information from your stats card. Please include your division hashtag in your post. (e.g.: #NLeast or #ALeast)
Group and Individual Pictures
  • This will be used to create a director for our use
  • Check out the printing and services provided by Elisa Baker <ebaker@esu6.net>
Craft Knowledge & MRL Framework
Technology Tools
  • Twitter (sign up as needed)
  • twitter clients
  • Hashtags, our hashtag is #EIS14
  • PLCs in Twitter
  • chats
Wrap-Up & Closing
Challenge for Wednesday:
  • Using the G+ Community, reflect on the MRL Instructional Model. What did you learn or relearn? Provide examples from your practice that align to the three lesson segments.

Wednesday July 23

Instructional Strategies and Routines
Bell Ringer & Introduction
Growth Mind Set
Brain Basics and Boosting Retention
Lunch (Lenny & Tammy meet with those taking Doane credit option)
Brain Basics & Instructional Routines
  • Continued
Tech time
  • Google drive, docs, and forms
  • Have Baseball teams each create a google doc to take shared notes
  • See how easy it is to make a Google form
  • Think of a teacher who made a difference for you. What words would you use to describe that teacher? Google Survey
  • My Favorite Teacher--Man on Street
  • Use Wordle to get words from the day, use Google form to collect them, and present them on Thursday as an overview of the day.
  • craft knowledge record wrap-up
Sandlot - The Babe - do something great
Moonlight Graham’s wish
Sandlot: Smalls Catching

Challenge for Thursday: Offer thoughts and questions about the topics covered today on our G+ Community and/or Twitter using #EIS14

Thursday July 24

Homework, Grading, Management
Bell Ringer
Management Routines & Relationships
Grading Principles
  • Grading PPT
  • Retakes, zeros, weight on assessment types
  • G+ community post questions
  • What will your grading policy include?
Home Run Derby (Strategy Smackdown)
Challenge for Friday: Reflection on homework and/or grading discussion

Friday July 25

District Conversations, First Day Planning
Bell Ringer:
  • Register for sessions 5 & 6 on esu6.org AND post a question/concern for administrators on the G+ Community
  • Principals Session
    • Fill them in about MRL and what we have done
    • Planning for use of funds for devise or PD
    • Mentors/coaches hangouts
    • Prioritize with the MRL model
  • Participants
    • Tech Time-Smack Down-Tech Time
Dr. Matt Blomstedt, Nebraska Commissioner of Education
Lunch With Administrator if Possible
Principals, Mentors, & School-based Discussions
  • EIS: What have you gotten from EIS? Permission to attend remaining sessions? Ask questions! (e.g., Will you review my homework policy? Curriculum? Will you support “X” grading policy? What infractions are office-worthy? Tell me about teacher evaluation here. How does our district connect with the ESU?)
  • Anchor Activities: email questions to admin, review resources, homework policy, grading policy, play with tech, individual pictures, explore craft knowledge, plan first day, take an ESU tour
What to do on the First Day of School

Recording lessons
  • Demo swivl, practice swivl (discuss logistics--where they are for checkout)
  • show how to move video of lesson segment to YouTube
  • Go Cam Demo
  • ASSIGNMENT--video a 5-10 minute segment of your class and bring October 14
  • Finish Expectations for Video Recording by October (Toby)§ 10-15 minute lesson segment (digital file), bring to the October session (could be on the device or online; bring headphones if possible)
  • ESU offerings (show list on registration system)
  • Inspirational Video (Toby) Monster Trap or Kid President
  • Exit Ticket: Post-Survey
Worth Looking At

  • Please fill out our post survey
  • On Google Community share a goal for this school year from strategies shared, Art and Science of teaching, or something that you want to work on for the school year.
  • Capture a 5-10 minute episode of your teaching and bring to the October 14.
  • You will be able to attend the NETA conference http://netasite.org/ in Omaha on April 23 and 24 or Google Summit July 2015 http://gpsummit.org/

Tuesday October 14

Engagement, Video Self-Reflection & Goal-Setting, iPod & Tech
Link to Todays PowerPoint
Greetings , Agenda Overview
Active Participation/Student Engagement
  • Engagement Strategy Review
  • Consider structured partners & written responses if time
Academic Games Games
  • Why Games?
  • Several Games
    • Wager
    • Taboo
    • Pyramid
    • Password
    • Magic Number
Tech Time
  • Update on Doane college Credit
Reflection & Goal-Setting
  • Study of Guide
  • Group video reflection
    • individual evaluation
    • whole group discuss
  • Self-Assessment using video
  • Goal-Setting & Action Plan
  • Assignment
    • work on goal
    • video 2 for December session
Survey data highlights from July sessions
Data and Summary From 2014 EIS
  • Feedback from Today
  • Find Someone who- Lenny
  • Whip around with Craft Knowledge
  • CK Record
  • December Dates, Assignments
  • Evaluation

Tuesday December 9

Vocabulary, Video Self-Reflection & Goal-Setting, Tech, G+ Community Challenges