Effective Instruction Series (EIS) 2015 - 2016

“I teach. What's your superpower?Contact Information:

Doane Credit

Craft knowledge terms This is also L to J terms
EIS Google Community
**ESU 6 EIS 2015-16**

EIS Goals 2015-16
Participants will have an understanding of:
  • the importance of building relationships with students. "Students don't care what you know until they know that you care.”
  • Marzano’s Instructional Model as a framework for teaching techniques and instructional strategies.
  • Develop strategies to support the components of the instructional model.
  • Ways to use technology and Google applications in the classroom to enhance student learning.

Day Six--November 17, 2015

Feedback from today
Day 6 PowerpointBellringer
  • __Find someone Who__ who to get to know each other (Jill)
  • Biggest challenge and biggest success? Post in G+ Community and respond to one other person
  • Goal reflection - 5 minute write - how is it going?
  • Scatter diagram - chart progress
Tech Time

Video Self Reflection

Vocabulary Acquisition and Games

Kid President--20 Things We Should Say More Often

Day Five--September 24, 2015
Day Five Powerpoint

What to bring:
  • Bring a 10 minute video of a segment of your teaching. Bring the device on which this is recorded as well as some ear buds. Each person will be provided time to reflect on what you have captured.
  • Interactive notebook
  • Be prepared to reflect on the goal which you set at our last session in July.
  • Parent teacher conference will be one area of focus, along with more strategies to support Marzano's model of instruction.
  • Biggest challenge and biggest success? Post in G+ Community and respond to one other person
  • Hangovers from July, (Rocks or Sucks) Growth Mindset, Classroom Management, L to J, Interactive Notebooks, Word Wall, homework/grading
  • Add strategies into interactive notebook
  • Goal reflection - 5 minute write - how is it going?
  • Scatter diagram - chart progress
  • Goal-Setting & Action Plan (Jill)
  • Assignment for November 17th
    • work on goal
    • video 2 for November session
Video Self Reflection
  • Video self reflection
    • Review Self-reflection __Form by Element__
    • Group video reflection
      • individual evaluation
      • whole group discuss
    • Self-Assessment using video
Tech Time
  • What have you used? L to J? Interactive Notebooks, word walls?, tech tools? - Google Form - show here.
  • How to create Google form. Use form to collect information on what have used L to J, interactive notebook, word wall, etc. separate by primary, intermediate, middle level, high school
Parent Teacher Conference
  • Parent-teacher conference sharing of strategies and ideas
  • what to do, what not to do
  • KWL (chart page 36 interactive notebook)
  • How do you get parents to come to your room if you do not have a core class. show what kids have done
  • student led parent teacher conference, __student reflection form for PT conference__
  • PT Conference Tips __ASCD article__
Sponge or buffer activities as time permits
  • Find someone who
  • magic letter
  • inside outside circle again
  • password with a theme added
Assignment for November 17
  • Bring vocab words for unit
  • Bring another video to reflect on
  • Keep working on goal

Day Four--July 24, 2015
Day Four Powerpoint

Bell Ringer: Homework and grading thoughts
Principals with Toby in board room
  • Fill them in about MRL and what we have done
  • Planning for use of funds for devise or PD
  • Mentors/coaches hangouts
  • Prioritize with the MRL model
  • Do snapshot manage response rate, record on google doc
  • set challenge/goal (challenge poster), align to DQ, record level now, September, and October
  • Post goal as response to post
  • ASSIGNMENT--record a 5-10 minute segment of your class and bring September 24 for video reflection
  • Preparing sub plans
Principals, Mentors, & School-based Discussions
  • Possible topics of conversation. What you learned from EIS? Ask to attend remaining 2 sessions? Ask questions! Will you review my homework policy? Curriculum? Will you support “X” grading policy? What infractions are office-worthy? Tell me about teacher evaluation here. How does our district connect with the ESU? How is BART and Marzano being used.
  • If you administrator is not here: Consider working on interactive notebooks, tech strategies with Lynne, L to J, word wall, first day plans,

Dr. Matt Blomstedt Nebraska Commissioner of Education

  • Finish Expectations for Video Recording by October (Toby & Jill)
  • 5-10 minute lesson segment (digital file)
  • bring to October (could be on device, bring headphones if possible)

Exit Ticket: Post-Survey

Day Three--July 23, 2015

Day Three Powerpoint

Bellringer L to J Quiz

L to J Quiz & Chart #4 (add frequency chart)
  • With frequency chart to show how this can be used to see which questions the students are missing (review and preview)

  • Go over interactive notebook to make update and review
  • Introduce parking lot and use for questions about homework and grading
  • Smackdown Sign up


L to J Quiz & Chart #5
  • Wrap up L to J and show rationale as well as pictures (look at pictures on Crete community)
  • L to J Overview Powerpoint
  • L to J Resources


Those interested in learning more about Doane credit will eat lunch first and meet in the board room
  • Grading Resources
  • Fact vs Opinion about grading 3x3
  • Academic Game: Rocks or Suck (e.g., Kids not turning in homework, Giving zeros)
  • Encourage new teachers to make out a detailed, grading policy, discipline plan, first week plan, etc. Use examples from Doane Credit Day 5 add time for successes, challenges and first day activity

Strategy Smackdown

  • Phases of First Year Teaching Article

Day Two--July 22, 2015
Day 2 Powerpoint
fill in interactive notebook
  • Super Hero and post on community bellringer
  • Use inside outside to review vocab from day 1
  • twitter and academic uses (if you want some more help see Lynne at lunch)

Marzano Research and BART Overview
  • summary of the day
  • (refer to large poster & handout in their binders)
  • Post activities to the giant chart

L to J Quiz & Chart #3

Brain based strategies to boost retention
  • Brain Based Resources
  • Information Processing Model, state changes, primacy recency, VAK, limbic, chunking, making sense and meaning,
  • Lotus Chart for brain as well as blank template
  • Add to Interactive notebook
  • Run tournament with 8 concepts to determine most important.
    • chunking, limbic, VAK, state changes, primacy recency, processing time, clear objectives, choral response
  • Brain Break Examples: Brain Breaks Cup, GoNoodle
  • Academic Game

Chatter Pix and Aurasma
  • Technology for word wall


L to J Quiz & Chart #4 (add frequency chart)
    • do this to show how this can be used to see which questions the students are missing (review and preview)

  • Academic Game
  • Exit Ticket: Sticky Note on the door

Day One--July 21, 2015
Demographic Survey This survey provides ESU information about each participant.
Perception Survey This pre-survey will collect data that will be compared with data collected at the end of day 4.
Day One Powerpoint

Bell Ringer:

Introductions and getting to know each other
  • a little about ESU #6 staff
  • Google+ Community
  • Team Selfie
  • What is your group’s teaching superpower and why?
  • #eis15
  • Demographics survey and pre-survey
  • interest circle
  • Background of EIS
  • Find Superhero City Partners (explain clock partners)
  • Manage Student Response Rates Resources

L to J Quiz #1
  • L to J web site http://www.ltojconsulting.com/
  • Resources at http://esu6ltoj.wikispaces.com/
  • L to J terms, definitions, and questions
  • L to J Quiz & Chart #1-- WORDS QUIZ 1
  • Each person records individual results in student run chart in notebook.
  • Each team will have a person record their team’s individual results into a frequency chart on the board. After data is recorded for quiz #1 show everyone how to make histogram and move the scores to the class run chart. Select person to do this for next quiz.
  • Fist to Five with Bob Marzano



Growth Mindset

Interactive Notebook & Word Wall
  • Interactive Notebook Overview
  • Activity w/ eight strategies from L to J list (try to pick strategies from today)
  • Start a Word Wall with these strategies
  • Aurasma for the word wall

  • challenge, post short video to community using script, name, school, what they teach, who is your superhero teacher and why?

Finish Interactive Notebook & Word Wall

Academic Game Taboo


Marzano Research and BART Overview
  • summary of the day
  • (refer to large poster & handout in their binders)
  • Post activities to the giant chart

L to J Quiz & Chart #2
  • random selection, talk how random is important
  • IPad app “Die Roller” or “Decide Now”
  • website http://wheeldecide.com/

  • whip around- Something you learned or relearned today.
  • Super Hero closure.
  • Parking Lot Sticky note on the door