Effective Instruction Series (EIS) 2016 - 2017

“Helping Young Minds Grow
Our contact Information is on home page.

Quick Resources and links
  • Twitter hashtag #EIS16
  • Google Community search for "EIS 2016-17"
Doane Credit
  • EIS Doane Syllabus
  • EIS Time and Effort Log
  • All registration and payment must be in the student accounts office by August 29 for fall courses. Tuition will be $238/credit hour for a total per course of $714. The application fee for new students is $30.

EIS Goals 2016-17
In order to get all teachers off to a great start to the school year: Participants will have an understanding of:
  • the importance of building relationships with students. "Students don't care what you know until they know that you care.”
  • Marzano’s Instructional Model as a framework for teaching techniques and instructional strategies.
  • strategies to support the components of the instructional model.
  • ways to use technology and Google applications in the classroom to enhance student learning.
Each participant will leave this training with a working knowledge of Marzano lesson segments, design questions and elements, goal setting, video reflection and strategies to become a reflective teacher.

Day Six--November 16, 2016

Powerpoint for Today
  • __Google form__, what would be your words of advice to next year’s EIS class
  • __Find Someone Who Icebreaker__ to get to know each other
  • Share and Reflect
    • parent teacher conferences
    • Class Dojo
    • Whole Brain Teaching __video__
    • Interactive notebook
    • Twitter
  • Goal reflection - 10 minute write - how is it going?
Tech Time
Video Self Reflection
Vocabulary Acquisition and Games

Day Five--September 22, 2016

Today's Powerpoint

Extended Bellringer
  • Biggest challenge and biggest success? Post in G+ Community and respond to one other person
  • Hangovers (real or imagined) from August: Growth Mindset, L to J, Interactive Notebooks, Word Wall, homework/grading
  • Do give one get one with building relationships, managing student’s response rates, grouping students and getting students attention. Academic games Have group sharing of strategies
  • Add strategies into interactive notebook
  • Goal reflection - 10 minute write - how is it going?
  • Goal-Setting & Action Plan
  • Day 5 __goal setting__and reflection

Video Self Reflection

Tech Time

Routines, Reteaching, Withitness

Parent Teacher Conference

  • __Google doc__ to share strategies
  • Parent-teacher conference sharing of strategies and ideas
  • what to do, what not to do
  • KWL (chart page 36 interactive notebook)
  • How do you get parents to come to your room if you do not have a core class. show what kids have done
  • student led parent teacher conference, __student reflection form for PT conference__
  • PT Conference Tips __ASCD article__


  • 3-2-1
  • Bring vocab words for unit
  • another video to reflect on
  • Keep working on goal

Day Four--August 4, 2016

Day 4 Powerpoint

Sit by building.
Some things to do today as time permits:
  • Complete Post Survey
  • Homework and grading policies
  • First day of school activities
  • Interactive Notebook and samples at the front
  • Word Wall, L to J implementation
  • A New Teacher’s Big List of All Little Things __Blog Post__
  • Back to School Tips for Newbies from __MiddleWeb Blog__
  • The seven questions every new teacher should be able to answer. __E-School News__
  • Google Tools and Tech strategies
  • Explore the “Tips and Tricks” shared yesterday __SEE__
  • Create a substitute teacher folder (see slide in powerpoint)
  • Sign up with Tammy for Doane credit by the end of the day

Everyone in the Conference Room

Teachers Building Relationships, DQ 8
  • Go to ESU6 Registration Site and register for the September 22 and November 17

    • Registration link is on the right hand side
    • Log in firstlastname all one word lower case, password is password all lowercase.
Building Relationships and First Day Planning

Principals with Toby in board room

Dr. Phil Warrick, Associate vice-president of Marzano Research Video
Principals, Teachers, & School-based Discussions
  • Possible topics of conversation.
  • What is our district/building grading/homework policy?
  • What is the teacher evaluation process or policy?
  • How does our district connect with the ESU?
  • How is BART and Marzano being used?
  • What is the procedure for attending workshops? Ask about attending sessions 5 and 6, September 22 and November 17.
Work Time:
Teachers without principals work on items at beginning of Day 4 agenda:
Finish Tricks and Tips Showcase
Snapshot, Set Challenge/goal
  • Do snapshot manage response rate, record on google doc
  • set challenge/goal align to DQ, record level now, September, and October
  • Please also share your goals through this Google form.
  • ASSIGNMENT--record a 5-10 minute segment of your class and bring September 22 for video reflection

Day Three--August 3, 2016

Day 3 Powerpoint
Please sit by grade level or curriculum area

  • Homework Personal Assessment Tool
  • Fact or Fiction
Academic Game Talk a Mile a Minute
L to J Quiz & Chart #4 (add frequency chart) and Overview
Tech Strategies
  • Google Tips
  • Those interested in learning more about Doane credit will stay. Doane links at top of page
Tips and Tricks Showcase

Day Two--August 2, 2016

Same base groups
Day 2 Powerpoint
Bellringer--on handout
Words of advice from last years class
Academic Game Taboo
L to J Quiz & Chart #3
Part 2 Marzano Research and BART Overview
  • Priority elements - scales and evidence
  • Element 12 interactive notebooks, #2 track student progress
  • Use sticky cloth
  • (refer to large poster & handout in their binders)
  • Post activities to the giant chart
Interactive Notebook 8 part foldable with elements
Inside-Outside Circle
Google+ Community & Twitter Technology strategies

Tech time while waiting for lunch
Brain Based Strategies to Boost Retention
  • Brain Based Resources with links to videos
  • Information Processing Model, state changes, primacy recency, VAK, limbic, chunking, making sense and meaning,
  • Lotus chart for brain as well as blank template
  • Run tournament with 8 concepts to determine most important.
    • chunking, limbic, VAK, state changes, primacy recency, processing time, clear objectives, choral response
  • Brain Break Examples: Brain Breaks Cup, GoNoodle,
  • Academic Game Talk a mile a minute
Questioning Strategies

  • Academic Game: Find someone who??
  • Exit Ticket: Head, Heart, Foot

Day One--August 1, 2016
Checklist of things to do as time permits before we start at 9:00
  • Write your grade level/subject on your name tent
  • Complete “Demographic Survey” (this provides us information about you and the current position at your school).
  • Complete the “Perception Pre-survey” (this provides us information about how you feel about a variety of instructional strategies and will be compared with a post survey after day 4).
  • Join the Google+ Community
    • Access Google + by going to the top right hand corner of gmail and clicking on the waffle shape. Select Google +, click the home button in the top right and move down to the “communities” and select. Once on the community use the search box at the top to search for “EIS 2016-17” and ask to join
Introductions and getting to know each other
  • a little about ESU #6 staff
  • Team Selfie, base group, team name
  • Background of EIS
  • Google+ Community
  • Twitter #eis16
  • Demographics survey and pre-survey
  • interest circle
  • Clock Partners
L to J Quiz #1
Growth Mindset
  • Grow vs Fixed Mindset
  • Lenny's Grow Mindset Links
Interactive Notebook & Word Wall
  • Interactive Notebook Overview
  • Resources-pintrest, website
  • challenge post picture in community
Split group into 2 groups
  • Overview of Marzano, instructional model, AQuESTT, elements etc
  • Breakout EDU Room Introduction (Lynne)
Academic Game Taboo
L to J Quiz & Chart #2
  • random selection and random is important
  • IPad app “Die Roller” or “Decide Now”